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Emma Mikkelson is an aspiring Animal Behaviorist from a small town in Idaho. She is completing a Business Administration Degree at Boise State University. Emma has trained service dogs, dogs in obedience, terriers for hunting/pest control, and is now starting stock dogs after getting her first Border Collie. Emma started training dogs fully at age 16 when she got her Jack Russell Terrier, Basil. Since then, Emma has strived to learn as much as she could about dogs and has met her husband, Colton Mikkelson, in the process.

Emma Mikkelson is now participating in Jack Russell and Sheep dog trials. She hopes to show others the working sides of dogs and show that each dog breed was bred for a purpose.

Emma Mikkelson

Mr. Levi Richards from Bowling Green, OH
Levi studied Animal Science at Ohio State University specializing in Beef & Sheep Production and is the Regional Sales Manager for Kalmbach Feeds and Program Director for Formula of Champions Show Feeds. He has judged livestock shows in 16 states and Canada including the North American, Canadian Royal, and Western Bonanza.
Levi holds a show cattle sale in the fall and trades livestock throughout the year to help young showmen accomplish their goals.  He enjoys traveling the country both judging and showing livestock with his wife Kayla and children Gavin, Jaedyn, Bentley, Beckett, and Tegan.

Mr. Levi Richards

Gus Westerman Is the Colorado State University Extension, Dolores County Director based in Dove Creek, CO. Gus focuses on the topics of Agriculture, Community Development, and 4-H Youth Development in the course of his work in Dolores County. Gus works with agricultural producers in Dolores County where the main crops are wheat, dry beans, and various oil seed crops.

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Brianna Achinson

Goat products 
Burning Dreams Ranch

John Moore has spent the last 35 years teaching colt starting and bridle-horse training techniques, and conducting problem solving clinics throughout Europe. His clinics incorporate a deep knowledge of equine behavior and understanding. His client list has included the Oslo Mounted Police Department in Norway, Sul Ross State University in Texas, Equine Events Inc.
of England among many others. He has taught countless seminars for agricultural schools across Europe and for various riding clubs and competitors throughout Europe and the U.S.

John Moore

John and his wife Erika recently managed the horse breeding and training program for Williams
Ranch in Alpine, Texas, and he is currently working as the equine behavior specialist on a series
of webinars discussing all aspects of the horse with Dr. David Marlin, president of the UK
National Equine Welfare Council and president of the Sport Horse Welfare Foundation in

John makes three clinic tours per year to Europe, conducting scores of clinics and
demonstrations, and hosts a series of week-long horse training camps in Sweden, which he
conducts with his good friend Dr. Gary Potter of the Equine Science Department of Texas A&M 
University. John has also been very active in teaching and bringing cutting edge trimming and
shoeing concepts to achieve balanced feet to the farriers of Northern Europe. He has just returned
last week from a horsemanship clinic tour in Germany and Sweden.

  • Susan Noble

Susan Carpenter Noble spent much of her career, training horses, coaching riding students, teaching horsemanship clinics, and freelancing for national horse magazines (The Reiner, et al.)  During her professional years – and, even now, when coaching riders remains a favorite hobby – her students and/or horses have earned State and Regional Championhips in:

·         Western Reining

·         Western Riding

·         Trail

·         Western Horsemanship

·         Hunter Hack

·         Hunter

·         Jumper

·         Dressage

·         Barrel Racing

She has also coached six young women to become State HS Rodeo Queens, and one National Rodeo Queen, and helped coach another who went on to finish Top Ten in Women’s Professional Barrel Racing.

About ten years ago, a 12-year-old riding student complained to her that he had quit reading, because “No one writes for ranch kids.”  She promptly took up the challenge.  Her first two books, Cowgirls Don’t Quit and The Free Horse, which are both set in Montezuma County, were published in 2020.  The third book in the series, Half a Saddle Off, was published in 2022, and moves the story to Nevada.

Noble, a seventeen year resident of Lewis, CO, is proud to be a part of the 41st annual Four Corners Ag Expo and its efforts in promoting both the traditions and the advancements in the Farm and Ranch lifestyle.


Susan Carpenter Noble

Dr. Petra grew up in Austria surrounded by horses. She started riding at age 4 when her father bought her a very opinionated Shetland pony mare named Sheriff.

After seven years as an equine sports massage therapist, Dr. Petra shifted her focus to animal chiropractic once she observed the power of an adjustment and how quickly horses responded to it.  Petra received her Animal Chiropractic Certification through Options for Animals in Wellsville, Kansas in 2008 and is certified by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association AND the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Animal Chiropractic has given Dr. Petra the opportunity to use her extensive chiropractic knowledge while working with her passion. Her work has taken her to beautiful locations, meeting exceptional horsemen and horsewomen such as Mark Rashid & Crissi McDonald & Major Miguel Tavora (Master of Equitation and protégé of Nuno Oliviera)

She currently resides in Mancos, Colorado with her husband Dr. Clayton Sullwold, several horses and many other critters. Besides adjusting horses, Dr. Petra loves to teach. 2 years ago, she started an Animal Chiropractic School where certified animal chiropractors and veterinarians can gain additional knowledge and continuing education credits in the field of animal chiropractic. She is beyond thrilled about the growth and success of the school as she gets to not only teach in beautiful Mancos, but also in Austria, France and Chile.


  • Dr. Petra Sullwold, DC
  • Dr. Petra Sullwold, DC

Dr. Petra Sullwold, DC
Equine Chiropractor

Equus Chiropractic.jpg
Dr. Petra Sullwold, DC

Dr. IRIS DAVIDSON, D.C. grew up in Golden, Colorado with a strong passion for animals. At a young age, she began taking riding lessons, and developed a strong interest in learning about all things horse related. She attended Colorado State University, originally studying Equine Science. After transferring to Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, she graduated with a degree in Sociology. She was particularly fascinated with the human-horse connection. While working in multiple local Chiropractic offices, Iris was introduced to the powerful impact Chiropractic care has on the lives of humans and animals alike. Having found her calling, she was urged to become a Chiropractor herself, and graduated from Life Chiropractic College West with honors. In 2018 she also received her Animal Chiropractic Certification through A.C.E.S. She loves having the opportunity to serve the Durango community with quality animal Chiropractic care!

Dr. Iris Davidson, DC

Colton Mikkelson is a young man who grew up in the Cortez area, and has recently returned from a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, serving in North and South Dakota. He is passionate about animals, and he loves training and working with his two Border Collies.  He started training dogs when he was 8 years old, when he got a Beagle puppy for Christmas.  He purchased his first Border Collie at age 16, and looks forward to competing in sheepdog trials with his dogs.  

     Colton enjoys working with the Border Collie breed.  They are very intelligent, energetic, and their herding instincts are amazing.  

Colton Mikkelson

Lanea Donahoo spent much of her career, as a Family and Consumer Sciences Department
Head and Educator in Aztec, New Mexico. She educated numerous students in the discipline
of food handling and safety through a curriculum of culinary arts, nutrition, life skills,
leadership, and hospitality, tourism and recreation. She now spends her time in Cortez, Co,
her home town, ranching, farming, hosting guests, and raising her scrumptious beef on
Podunk’s Ranch. Teaching and education still remains a favorite hobby. ​ She is
This brings her to this year’s agricultural exposition. She is delighted to offer Food safety
and handling classes. The class will describe the handling, preparation, and storage of
food in ways that prevent food borne illnesses. This includes a number of routines that
should be followed to avoid potentially severe health hazards. In this way food safety
often overlaps with food defense to prevent harm to consumers/you.
Food can transmit disease from person to person as well as serve as a growth medium
for bacteria that can cause food poisoning. In theory, food poisoning is 100% preventable.
The five key principles of food hygiene will be the focus in this class.
1. Prevent contaminating food with pathogens spreading from people, pets, and
2. Separate raw and cooked foods to prevent contaminating the cooked foods.
3. Cook foods for the appropriate length of time and at the appropriate temperature
to kill pathogens.
4. Store food at the proper temperature.
5. Do use safe water and safe raw materials.
Lanea will also present a short class about the dreams, goals and story behind Podunk’s
Ranch. She is a third generation rancher/farmer and is proud to share her journey in the
Farm-to-table grass-fed finished beef sales, marketing and production at her ranch.

Lanea Donahoo

Andy Brock

Andy Brock

Commercial Beekeeper for over 17 years

Hobbyist Beekeeper for 28 yearsping


Lowell F. Volk is a native of Minnesota, retired in 2004 and living in Pleasant View, Colorado, where he is a member of the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Posse, Rocky Mountain Writers and the Western Writers of America.  Lowell and his wife, Mary Lou, have five children: Terri, Scott, Paula, Lowell Jr., and Kathy.

Lowell has a BS from California Lutheran in computer science and an MBA from the University of La Verne.  He is retired from General Dynamics where he was a Manager of Software Engineers which required extensive travel both in the USA and overseas.  He continues to travel to Wild West Events, and Civil War Reenactments.  When he’s not traveling he enjoys horseback riding, deer and elk hunting, and early American history.


You can learn more about Lowell on:

  • Lowell F. Volk
Lowell F. Volk
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