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  • Wild West Mustang Ranch

If horse owners are interested in attending classes, West would like to talk with you. Please contact West via email and include a short description of your horse and the issue. West does not have any preference as to breed or sex, but prefers horses under ten years old.

West Taylor first started his horse training journey at the age of 40. Unlike a lot of others in the industry West was not "raised up" with horses. West had a successful career in the IT (information and technology) business for many years. Then during the unsettling financial times of 2008 West lost everything in his life, his once successful business, his home, and all the extra toys that go with that type of lifestyle. Finding himself without a business, without any income, and without anywhere to live he decided to make some BIG changes. West moved his family to his grandfather’s small and old ranch house in Fremont Utah where he began to rediscover himself. After the searing burn of losing everything West vowed to “do life differently” this time. First thing he did was adopt two BLM mustangs and decided he wanted his new life to have something to do with horses. That was over 10 years ago. West is now known in the horse industry as “that mustang guy” who uses science to train his horses! 

West first learned of Dr. Peters from reading his book Evidence Based Horsemanship. From that first simple reading West knew there was more to understand" about the equine brain functionality, and not being much of a book scholar or book learner West set out to find and learn as much as he could from Dr. Peters himself about how the equine brain really functions. Well, that was almost 6 yrs. ago and now West is one of the leading scientific researchers on understanding the neurochemistry of the horse.  

West has been married to his high school sweetheart Kami for 33 yrs., they have 4 children, 8 grandchildren, 9 mustangs, 3 dogs, 1 barn cat and a donkey named Sven.



Both Sessions

Using Science to overcome trailer loading and other trailer issues. 


Both Sessions

Using Science to overcome the PTSD trauma horse.


Both Sessions

Using Science to help anxious and nervous horses to stand still and relax while under pressure.

West Taylor

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You can learn more about Prairie Fire Percherons on:

  • Prairie Fire Percherons

Prairie Fire Percherons 

75 Sundial Ln. 

Ignacio, CO 81137 


We are the Harwood Family, Dave, Tracy,  Tanner, and Lauren. We've been working and raising Percheron Horses  for over 24 years.


Farming, Carriage Rides and Stage Coach,  Sleigh Rides,  and yes, Ridding. Lauren  thinks they are the only way to go.


We love sharing these proud and powerful  gentle giants with the public. We enjoy talking to folks about what you can do with these  magnificent horses, in all of their different  disciplines.


So stop by and take a look, ask question,  give them a pat, rub, or scratch. These big horses will find a way in to your heart, and  watch out, you might get bit by the Big Horse Bug.

We hope you enjoy The Four States Ag Exposition. 

The Harwood’s
Prairie Fire Percheron’s ​ 

Prairie Fire Percherons 

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San Juan Mounted Archers 


The San Juan Mounted Archers came into being in September 2018 when Ken and Carol Queen joined the Mounted Archery Association of America and attended their first mounted archery competition in Scottsdale, AZ as volunteers. Ken and Carol come from rodeo roots and have been competitive in archery, but combined the two at this time.

Since then, Ken and Carol have competed in two National Competitions and are the first two people in Colorado to reach Horse Archer level 1.

Their daughter, LaVonne joined in 2020 and has earned Student level 4 in mounted archery.


Today, San Juan Mounted Archers, based in Durango, has members in western Colorado and central New Mexico. They plan to host a National Ranking Competition in this area in June.

San Juan Mounted Archers
AKA "The Silver Horde"

Join us for a Mounted Archery Demo

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Kathy Klix Chiropractic

126 W. Colorado Ave, Suite 207

Telluride, CO 81435


Animal Chiropractor dedicated to unlocking your pet's healing potential​.

For most of my life, I have been a horsewoman. As a ranch hand in Hawaii, a farrier in Washington, and a trainer in Idaho, I have always been a student of the horse. Even my introduction to chiropractic was through horses.

I first witnessed equine chiropractic while attending farrier school. Throughout my career, I continued to observe how it benefited my shoeing clients and horses in my training program. I became fascinated by its effects.

After graduating from Logan University in 2018 with my doctorate in Chiropractic, I landed in Mancos and made Colorado my home.

During each session, I combine my horsemanship and farrier skills with my chiropractic knowledge to formulate a complete picture of the horse. This approach allows me to deliver an evaluation and treatment style unique in equine chiropractic care.

I will be demonstrating animal chiropractic, and available for questions after. Stop my booth and say hello!

Kathy Klix info.png
Kathy Klix Chiropractic

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My experience with wild horses started in 2008 after adopting my first one and training him myself. I then began fostering and training wild horses on a regular basis until 2018 when I got the Animal Caretaker job with the Carson National Forest. The Carson NF manages a population of around 400 horses on two separate districts, Jicarilla and El Rito. We manage the horses through fertility control and adoptions. 

You can contact Megan Print by email:

Megan Print

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Matt Lawlor is a full-time farrier in southwestern Colorado. He lives in Ignacio with his wife and son on a horse ranch. He did his first apprenticeships as a teenager to begin learning the trade. Early on in his career, he maintained horses hooves for a number of different dude ranches and outfitters. After attending farrier school and continuing his education through clinics, he began working on performance horses. He credits a lot of what he's learned to other farriers and veterinarians. He now works on most breeds and disciplines from trail horses to dressage and rodeo to hunter/jumper and endurance horses.

In recent years, Matt has been focusing on the dynamic functions of the digital cushion as a way to improve the horses hoof health and performance. Alongside traditional farrier methods, he uses barefoot trims and polymer shoes to rehabilitate and strengthen this vital organ.

You can contact  Matt Lawlor by email:


Hemodynamic Horseshoeing

Hoof Anatomy and Physiology


Hemodynamic Horseshoeing

Polymer Horseshoe Application and Modifications


Hemodynamic Horseshoeing


Matt Lawlor


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You can learn more about Susan on:

  • Susan Carpenter Noble Author

Susan Carpenter Noble traveled around the country teaching riding clinics and training horses for twenty years, sharing the knowledge she had gained from some of the great horsemen of her day. When she settled down to raise her family, she continued coaching kids on their horses while working as a school teacher and occasionally writing for regional and national horse magazines. Now retired from 'real jobs', she writes novels geared toward horse crazy kids and ranch kids. To her surprise, she has found that her books appeal to a wide range of ages and are getting good reviews from 'kids' aged eight to eighty.


Her debut novel, Cowgirls Don't Quit, is a modern-day tale, set in southwestern Colorado, that follows young Meghan as she goes on her first cattle drive with her best friend Xender and his grandpa. Meghan has already learned that “there's more to likin' horses than just ridin' em.” Now she must learn how to help with the gathering, innoculating, banding, branding, and all the details that go into preparing the cattle for summer pasture. She also figures out how to keep them safe along the drive as some two-legged varmints stir up trouble.


Her second novel, The Free Horse, follows Meghan's mis-adventures when her parents accept a horse from “a friend of a friend who is moving out of town.” Bruises and hard lessons are the price Meghan must pay as she learns to train her “free” horse. Unexpectedly, when Meghan sets a goal to win the title of Rodeo Princess, her best friend, Xender, turns against her. And now her friend Emma, who has Down syndrome, has a crisis with her own sweet, old horse. Suddenly, Meghan must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice for friendship.


Autographed copies of her books will be available during the 2021 Four States Ag Expo.

Susan Carpenter Noble
The Free Horse.jpg

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Lowell F. Volk is a native of Minnesota, retired in 2004 and living in Pleasant View, Colorado, where he is a member of the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Posse, Rocky Mountain Writers and the Western Writers of America.  Lowell and his wife, Mary Lou, have five children: Terri, Scott, Paula, Lowell Jr., and Kathy.

Lowell has a BS from California Lutheran in computer science and an MBA from the University of La Verne.  He is retired from General Dynamics where he was a Manager of Software Engineers which required extensive travel both in the USA and overseas.  He continues to travel to Wild West Events, and Civil War Reenactments.  When he’s not traveling he enjoys horseback riding, deer and elk hunting, and early American history.


You can learn more about Lowell on:

  • Lowell F. Volk
Lowell F. Volk
luke and trevor.jpg