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Joel Salatin, 65, calls himself a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer. Others who like him call him the most famous farmer in the world, the high priest of the pasture, and the most eclectic thinker from Virginia since Thomas Jefferson. Those who don’t like him call him a bio-terrorist, Typhoid Mary, charlatan, and starvation advocate.

With a room full of debate trophies from high school and college days, 15 published books, and a thriving multi-generational family farm, he draws on a lifetime of food, farming and fantasy to entertain and inspire audiences around the world. He’s as comfortable moving cows in a pasture as addressing CEOs in a Wall Street business conference.

His wide-ranging topics include nitty-gritty how-to for profitable regenerative farming as well as cultural philosophy like orthodoxy vs. heresy. A wordsmith and master communicator, he moves audiences from laughs one minute to tears the next, from frustration to hopefulness. Often receiving standing ovations, he prefers the word performance rather than presentation to describe his lectures. His favorite activity?–Q&A. “I love the interaction,” he says.

He co-owns, with his family, Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia. Featured in the New York Times bestseller Omnivore’s Dilemma and award-winning documentary Food Inc., the farm services more than 5,000 families, 50 restaurants, 10 retail outlets, and a farmers’ market with salad bar beef, pigaerator pork, pastured poultry, and forestry products. When he’s not on the road speaking, he’s at home on the farm, keeping the callouses on his hands and dirt under his fingernails, mentoring young people, inspiring visitors, and promoting local, regenerative food and farming systems.

Salatin is the editor of The Stockman Grass Farmer, granddaddy catalyst for the grass farming movement. He writes the “Confessions of a Steward” monthly column for Plain Values magazine, the “Homestead Abundance” column for Homestead Living magazine, and three columns a month for the e-magazine Manward. He also co-hosts a podcast titled BEYOND LABELS with co-author of that book Dr. Sina McCullough.

A frequent guest on radio programs and podcasts targeting preppers, homesteaders, and foodies, Salatin’s practical, can-do solutions tied to passionate soliloquies for sustainability offer everyone food for thought and plans for action.

He also hosts his own podcast with Dr. Sina McCullough called BEYOND LABELS after their book of the same name.

Mixing mischievous humor with hard-hitting information, Salatin both entertains and moves people. Seldom using a power-point and often speaking from an outline scribbled in a yellow legal pad, he depends on theatrics, style, and compelling content to hold attention and defend innovative positions. The rare combination of prophet and practitioner makes him both a must-read and must-hear in a time desperate for integrity leadership and example.

Joel Salatin

Cat Urbigkit is a western Wyoming rancher who uses livestock guardian dogs to protect her
family’s sheep and cattle from large carnivores, including wolves. She has traveled throughout
Europe, Asia, and Africa to learn about guardian dog use with livestock in other cultures.
Involved in journalism for more than three decades, Urbigkit writes nonfiction books about the
domestic and wild animals that share the same range in western Wyoming.

Cat Urbigkit
Cassie Robinson

Cassie is going to be one of our panel speakers on the use of livestock Guardian dogs. Make sure to be there and maybe bring a few questions.

Cassie Robinson grew up in Southwest Colorado raising fiber sheep with her family. They relied on many LGDs over the years to protect their flock in rural La Plata County. After several years traveling the southwestern United States as a wildland firefighter she settled in Montezuma County. Along with her husband and son, they raise boer goats, Kune Kune pigs, a handful of beef cows some occasional sheep and a flock of free range chickens. They utilize Anatolian Shepherds to protect their livestock from heavy mountain lion pressure. Their dogs routinely warn off fox and coyotes as well, and have reduced the predator loss to 0.

Cassie believes in fostering a healthy working relationship with the dogs, expecting them to perform their job but realizing that every dog is different and no one approach will work for all of them. She currently runs 4 Anatolians from 7 months to 7 years old. When selecting dogs to breed she evaluates the parents and selects for dogs that bond well with stock, are easy to handle and are not prone to roam or nuisance barking. All of the dogs have been with livestock since birth and all of the dogs move between pastures and properties with the livestock throughout the year. Without the dogs she would be unable to continue producing livestock to support their breeding programs

Robin Brown

Robin Brown is a Three-time National Cattle Dog Champion. She has been awarded “Master Cattle Dog Trainer” for the last 3 years at the Art of the Cowgirl. She gives clinics all over the US and Canada. She has one of a kind clinic/retreat at her ranch each year along with weekly internships, mastering your training (6 week of individualized program 1 time per week) instruction with your dog. Broken Circle Border Collies thrives for the best cattle dog genetics in the industry. Each year at The Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Stock dog sale 60-75% of the genetics go back to Broken Circle Border Collies! Robin grew up on a third-generation cattle ranch near Cascade, Idaho, where border collies helped gather and trail the cattle to pastures and forest allotments. Since then, her life has revolved around them in every way. “When it comes to working cattle there is no better partner than a well-trained dog.” “There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not in awe of what a rancher and his dogs can accomplish. “There’s a lot to love about what I do and where I do it.” Robin loves teaching people what she has learned through the experiences she has had through the many years of practical work. Robin Teaches stockmanship which is the most important aspect when she trains dogs. She loves helping handlers learn to work the dogs to their highest potential. Robin lives in Idaho, where she and her Husband train dogs now full time. Spending their days working with Stock dogs is never taken for granted.

Leila Thompson is a 16-year-old resident of Montezuma, born in Shiprock NM, lives with her
parents, she is a part time college student who has been training horses since she was bucked
off a pony at her 5 th birthday party. After that incident, at 6 years old, she started riding and
training herself, by 10 years old, she was training green horses.
She has won numerous Hunter and Dressage Championships at local and regional shows, won
and/or placed in Jumper and Equitation classes at A-rated USEF (United States Equestrian
Federation) shows, was named the Youth Grand Champion trainer at the Montrose Mustang TIP
(Trainer Incentive Program) Challenge (2022),
She also holds a Grand Champion at the Four Corners Mustang Challenge in NM in 2023,
which allows her to help others understand how to work with mustangs to help them develop
their confidence in the trainer/owner and in themselves.
She looks forward to sharing her inciteful observations and knowledge about working with
mustangs, as well as explaining the methods she uses to help the mustangs develop into
confident partners with their humans.
Leila trains all kinds of horses: green broke, wild, “problem” horses, etc. She mostly rides
English, showing in hunter jumper and showjumping but trains western as well.
She will be working with Susan Noble during the NMACO Mustang presentations this year at
the expo.
Most of the mustangs at this year’s presentation will be horses captured from Mesa Verde
National Park wild mustang bands.

Leila Thompson
  • Susan Noble

Susan Carpenter Noble spent much of her career, training horses, coaching riding students, teaching horsemanship clinics, and freelancing for national horse magazines (The Reiner, et al.)  During her professional years – and, even now, when coaching riders remains a favorite hobby – her students and/or horses have earned State and Regional Championhips in:

·         Western Reining

·         Western Riding

·         Trail

·         Western Horsemanship

·         Hunter Hack

·         Hunter

·         Jumper

·         Dressage

·         Barrel Racing

She has also coached six young women to become State HS Rodeo Queens, and one National Rodeo Queen, and helped coach another who went on to finish Top Ten in Women’s Professional Barrel Racing.

About ten years ago, a 12-year-old riding student complained to her that he had quit reading, because “No one writes for ranch kids.”  She promptly took up the challenge.  Her first two books, Cowgirls Don’t Quit and The Free Horse, which are both set in Montezuma County, were published in 2020.  The third book in the series, Half a Saddle Off, was published in 2022, and moves the story to Nevada.

Noble, a seventeen year resident of Lewis, CO, is proud to be a part of the 41st annual Four Corners Ag Expo and its efforts in promoting both the traditions and the advancements in the Farm and Ranch lifestyle.


Susan Carpenter Noble

Dr. Petra grew up in Austria surrounded by horses. She started riding at age 4 when her father bought her a very opinionated Shetland pony mare named Sheriff.

After seven years as an equine sports massage therapist, Dr. Petra shifted her focus to animal chiropractic once she observed the power of an adjustment and how quickly horses responded to it.  Petra received her Animal Chiropractic Certification through Options for Animals in Wellsville, Kansas in 2008 and is certified by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association AND the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Animal Chiropractic has given Dr. Petra the opportunity to use her extensive chiropractic knowledge while working with her passion. Her work has taken her to beautiful locations, meeting exceptional horsemen and horsewomen such as Mark Rashid & Crissi McDonald & Major Miguel Tavora (Master of Equitation and protégé of Nuno Oliviera)

She currently resides in Mancos, Colorado with her husband Dr. Clayton Sullwold, several horses and many other critters. Besides adjusting horses, Dr. Petra loves to teach. 2 years ago, she started an Animal Chiropractic School where certified animal chiropractors and veterinarians can gain additional knowledge and continuing education credits in the field of animal chiropractic. She is beyond thrilled about the growth and success of the school as she gets to not only teach in beautiful Mancos, but also in Austria, France and Chile.


  • Dr. Petra Sullwold, DC
  • Dr. Petra Sullwold, DC

Dr. Petra Sullwold, DC
Equine Chiropractor

Equus Chiropractic.jpg
Dr. Petra Sullwold, DC

Learning how to ride the young horse with courage and confidence


Mika Tozer, with her husband Hardy, are owner/operator of TNT Training and Arena. 

Specialize in colt starting to performance horses.  

At age 13, to help pay her rodeo entry fees, Mika started training horses.  Many years and hundreds of horses later, she has established herself as a highly respected and sought-after colt starter, horse trainer, and coach.  She has came across every kind of horse with every kind of problem. Through these experiences, she has gained knowledge and insight into a young horses mind and body. With that knowledge came the courage required to specialize in starting and training green and troubled horses. 

Throughout the years she has realized that to have a horse transition from her training program into a successful long-term relationship with their owners, often the owners need training as well. Primarily learning how to ride with confidence and ride with a purpose. 

She has a strong desire to help people grab ahold of that courageous person inside us all, but may be hiding behind lack of confidence or other inadequacies we tend to put on ourselves.  But the truth is….. we all have an unbelievably strong person inside us!! 

Mika is excited to share her training strategies, tips and tricks she has developed to not only successfully train young horses, but also to help find and develop that strong person within us all!

Mika Tozer

Introducing Arrowhead Farms, a sustainable living and natural wellness focused farm helmed by a passionate mama who loves the art of foraging and natural plant medicine. With years of hands-on experience in raising goats for milk, tending to the land, and harnessing the power of nature's remedies, I'm excited to invite you to my class at the upcoming Four States Ag Expo.

At Arrowhead Farm, my journey began as a young girl with a deep-rooted love for the land around me handed down to me from my grandmother, Carol Partington. As a dedicated homesteader, I've cultivated a wealth of knowledge in the nurturing of my goats for creamy milk that actually tastes good, and belief that there is a never ending journey to learning the craft of sustainable foraging to provide nourishment for my family and livestock.

Furthermore, my profound belief in the healing properties of natural plant medicine has led me to explore and harness the bounties of the Earth, gathering potent remedies for the well-being of my loved ones and my animals. With ever-growing knowledge and experience in identifying and utilizing these botanical treasures for our health, I am eager to share my wisdom and insights with those who are keen to embrace the transformative power of the Lord's pantry and a natural medicine cabinet.

As a busy mama and being raised with a ranching background, I understand the importance of caring for our families and animals in a way that is self-sufficient and resilient and promotes wellness. Through my class at the Four States Ag Expo, I aim to inspire and empower others to embark on their own journey of sustainable living, foraging, and harnessing the natural remedies that are all around us.

Join me at the Four States Ag Expo and discover the art of foraging, the joy of raising goats for milk, and the incredible potential of natural plant medicine. Together, let's embark on a journey of connection, learning, and sustainable abundance.

Kelsey Englehart

Heather has lived in Southwestern Colorado since 2005. She works full-time as the Controller of a rural hospital, as well as operates Pails and Provisions Farm, alongside her husband and their two sons. They believe in utilizing animals for their founding purpose. They love managing the land and gravitate toward hardy animals that do well in their climate of snowy winters and gorgeous summers. They raise Brown Swiss dairy cows, Kune Kune pigs, Navajo Churro sheep, goats, and free-range chickens. Considering their intent, it only seemed right to raise their own livestock guardian dogs.  "Our dogs are assets of the farm.  It is imperative that they keep the value of our stock safe.  In turn, when you have something so special, you take great pride in reproducing it and ensuring its quality.  These dogs are reliable employees of the farm and most importantly... family members."  - Pails and Provisions Farm

Heather Frazier

Monte Ricca

Monte was born in Durango, Colorado and spent his childhood living and working on his family
ranch outside of Bayfield, Colorado. He atended Lamar Community College where he received
his Associates Degree in Horse Training and Management. His passion for training and learning
lead him to apprentice under NRCHA professionals Randy Paul and Benny Guitron. Monte has
been very successful competing at many working cow horse events including the NRCHA Snaffle
Bit Futurity, the CRCHA Futurity and the AQHA World Show. Monte has owned and operated
Ricca Performance Horses in Cortez, Colorado for 20 years where he has trained many
successful non pro and youth competitors.


Lowell F. Volk is a native of Minnesota, retired in 2004 and living in Pleasant View, Colorado, where he is a member of the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Posse, Rocky Mountain Writers and the Western Writers of America.  Lowell and his wife, Mary Lou, have five children: Terri, Scott, Paula, Lowell Jr., and Kathy.

Lowell has a BS from California Lutheran in computer science and an MBA from the University of La Verne.  He is retired from General Dynamics where he was a Manager of Software Engineers which required extensive travel both in the USA and overseas.  He continues to travel to Wild West Events, and Civil War Reenactments.  When he’s not traveling he enjoys horseback riding, deer and elk hunting, and early American history.


You can learn more about Lowell on:

  • Lowell F. Volk
Lowell F. Volk
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