If you are interested in riding with clinician you will need to fill out a waiver/contract.

The prerequisite for people taking a class, they would need to have a horse that is able to be approached, haltered and led. Preferably worked some in a round pen.


Randy Helm


Randy Helm is a certified horse trainer with Lyons Legacy (John and Josh Lyons) and has been training wild horses for over 30 years. He developed the current training program for the Arizona State prison in Florence where he serves as the supervisor of the wild horse inmate program.

The prison has over 600 horses and provides training for the U.S. Border patrol, ranches, individuals and law enforcement agencies.



jimmy Brown

Jimmy Brown is a self-taught horseman from Jacksonville, Texas. Brown has been training and riding horses for more than 30 years. He travels often, sometimes weekly for demonstrations across the country. In his experience, Brown found taking the time to educate the horse instead of using shortcuts or force helps build a trusting relationship with the animal. That’s why his methods are based on strengthening the relationship with horse. Brown will showcase gating, groundwork and obstacles but has a wide variety of other specialties, including trail riding.

Photo courtesy of Brian Biesemeier 


Jeannie Allen

Jeannie Allen's interest in stockdogs was sparked at a very young age by watching the prestigious Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials in her hometown of Meeker, CO.  Her dad gave her her first Border Collie as a graduation present when she graduated Colorado State University.  


Gus Westerman

Gus Westerman Is the Colorado State University Extension, Dolores County Director based in Dove Creek, CO. Gus focuses on the topics of Agriculture, Community Development, and 4-H Youth Development in the course of his work in Dolores County. Gus works with agricultural producers in Dolores County where the main crops are wheat, dry beans, and various oil seed crops.

Prairie Fire Percherons 


We are the Harwood Family, Dave, Tracy,  Tanner, and Lauren. We been working and  raising Percheron Horses  for over 24 years. 


Farming, Carriage Rides and Stage Coach, Sleigh Rides,  and yes, Ridding. Lauren  thinks they are the only way to go. 


We love sharing these proud and powerful  gentle giants with the public. We enjoy talking to folks about what you can do with these  magnificent horses, in all of their different  disciplines. 


So stop by and take a look, ask question,  give them a pat, rub, or scratch. These big  horse will find a way in to your heart, and  watch out, you might get bit by the Big Horse Bug. 


We hope you enjoy The Four States Ag  Exposition 


The Harwood’s 

Prairie Fire Percheron’s 

Prairie Fire Percherons 

75 Sundial Ln. 

Ignacio CO 81137 


Tyler Willbanks

Tyler Willbanks is a 4th generation farmer in Southwest Colorado, where he farms approximately 120 acres of grain and hay, as well as raises livestock and Clydesdale work horses.

Tyler’s family raised a lot of oats, wheat and pinto beans on their 5000+ acre farm when he was younger, but his passion for sustainable farming led him to pursue his interest in heritage grains on a smaller scale. He now raises Spelt wheat, Egyptian Purple barley, Komar, Turkey Red wheat, oats, sweet corn, field corn, hay and potatoes almost entirely with his teams of Clydesdales.    

Tyler and his wife currently own and operate Rocky Draw Farm in Dolores, CO.  


Kathy klix DC

Before becoming a chiropractor, I was a horsewoman. My introduction to chiropractic was seeing some horses adjusted while attending farrier school in Washington State. Throughout my farrier career in Hawaii and Idaho, I continued to observe how chiropractic care benefited my shoeing clients and horses in my training program. I became fascinated by its effects on horses.

Throughout my chiropractic education in Missouri, I always planned on returning to the horse community and moving back out west after graduation. In August of 2018, I made that dream a reality and officially made Colorado my new home.

During each adjustment I combine my years of training horses and extensive farrier experience with my chiropractic education. This combination allows me to deliver an evaluation and treatment style unique in animal chiropractic care.


Tammie Turner

Tammie Turner your trusted certified Equine Dentist.

meet Colton


Colton Mikkelson is an 18-year-old who is passionate about animals, especially his Border Collies, sheep, and Clydesdale named Tiny.  He lives in the Cortez area, and has been training stock dogs for almost two years. 


Colton has two Border Collies- Liam and Squirt, and he works with them daily, in addition to training several other Border Collies with family and friends.  He got his first Border Collie at age 16 and enjoys competing in sheepdog trials with his dogs.  


Colton enjoys working with the Border Collie breed.  They are extremely intelligent, energetic, and their herding instincts are amazing. 


Lesley Sims

Lesley has worked in the natural health and wellness field for over 25 years.  After experiencing the benefits of Holistic Healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine firsthand for herself and her own animals, she wanted to share what she has learned by helping others on their wellness journey.


Her business, Balanced Body, offers Animal Acupressure, PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy), Red and Blue Photonic Light Therapy for people, their pets, and their livestock, which are complimentary to all other treatments and therapies to treat such problems as:


  • Pain / Inflammation

  • Injuries / Post-Surgery

  • Allergies

  • Digestive / Colic Issues

  • Hoof Issues/Laminitis

  • Respiratory Issues

  • Arthritis / Sore Muscles and Joints

  • Performance / Behavior / Focus / Calmness

  • Aging / Maintaining Wellness

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